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Our first major wreck removal was completed in 1990, with the successful moving of a 3,900-ton Ro/Ro Ferry grounded at Mona Island, Puerto Rico.  As is the case with most major wreck removals, this job was fraught with environmental, political and technical challenges. While many critics saw this as an impossible undertaking, we saw it as an opportunity to succeed by implementing new techniques and philosophies.

With some of the largest and most complicated wreck removal projects ever undertaken to our credit, has helped us assemble a global network of specialists, and cutting-edge technologies that gives us the ability to undertake any wreck removal operation imaginable.

We maintain large jack-up barges equipped for wreck removal operations in high-energy surf conditions and in areas where fast-moving currents and tides render floating vessels impractical. Coupling this jack-up barge capability with our fleet of in-house designed and built TITAN Pullers, enables us to provide lifting/pulling forces in excess of 12,000 tons in applications that are either out of reach or impractical for conventional lifting methods.  TITAN Pullers can be moved quickly around the globe as ocean freight on regularly scheduled liner service, over-the-road or in extreme emergencies, can be rapidly deployed via a chartered aircraft.

Today, with the increasing demand for removing oil and other pollutants from wrecks, we remain on the cutting edge of new technology; we have performed  unprecedented operations for multi-national governments, ship owners and underwriters around the world, that would have been deemed impossible only a few years ago.

With specialists and equipment depots strategically deployed on four continents, TITAN is ready to meet all of your wreck removal needs, regardless of location or challenges.