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From its humble beginning in 1981 as a one tug towing company, TITAN has grown to become an industry leader in the global salvage response arena. Exclusively dedicated to salvage work without geographical limitation, TITAN boasts a remarkable list of accomplishments in emergency salvage and response that is as diverse in location as it is in technique.

Please visit Response and Results for an overview of our previous work.

TITAN maintains primary offices and response depots in Houston, Texas; Newhaven, United Kingdom; Singapore and Cairns, Australia, and strategically placed agents’ offices in port cities around the world. TITAN utilizes chartered and commercial aircraft for emergency transport of equipment and personnel while maintaining a global network of operators of tugs, barges, cranes and lightering vessels.

Within minutes of notification, TITAN can mobilize specialized equipment and a worldwide network of highly qualified salvage masters, engineers and naval architects, along with technical and operations personnel catered toward any salvage operation. This ensures TITAN’s clients the fastest, most professional emergency salvage response service available, regardless of the location and scope of the incident.

TITAN’s salvage response capabilities are further enhanced by association with its’ parent company, Crowley Maritime , that gives it immediate access to a myriad of marine equipment, including the largest fleet of salvage tugs in North America.

With our credo of ‘Response and Results’, and a string of successes including some of the largest and most technically challenging salvage operations ever performed, be assured that TITAN is ready to respond to any wreck removal, natural disaster and maritime emergency response, anywhere, anytime.