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An accidental release of fuel resulting from groundings, collisions or structural failures of vessels may result in serious environmental damages. The environmental consequences of any oil spill will likely depend on factors such as the type of oil and amount spilled, weather conditions and the habitats affected. The main threats to wildlife include the smothering of animals, plants or habitats by oil, and poisoning of animals that ingest the oil.

Cleaning oil spills is an expensive process that can be mitigated when oil and other pollutants are safely and effectively removed off damaged vessels by proven methods such as utilizing Hot Tap Systems. It is a relatively simple process that safeguards Ship Owners and P&I Clubs from potential financial, economic and environmental liabilities

TITAN  utilizes hot tap systems to extract hydrocarbons and hazardous liquids from submerged vessels. These highly flexible systems may be adapted to provide steam injection for cooled products with reduced viscosity, and can also be modified to accommodate greater depths and viscosities.

A water injection system can be incorporated into the suction end of the transfer pumps to reduce the friction coefficient of a product as it is pumped to surface tanks. In addition, this system  allow us to tap and drill from two-feet to six-feet access points into cargo or bunker tanks and pump via three feet or six feet hydraulically driven transfer pumps.