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Our 300-ton linear hydraulic pullers, also known as TITAN Pullers, have proven themselves in a variety of applications, including dragging vessels off the beach or onto barges, parbuckling vessels, rolling vessels onto barges or onto breakwaters or vertically lifting sunken vessels. To learn more about the versatility and capacity of these multi-purpose vehicles, see the photos below.

These 300-metric-ton capacity linear hydraulic pulling machines feature two hydraulic rams that move a 4" (101.6mm) thick steel door, which is mounted on a sliding frame. The door pulls a 3" (76.2mm) anchor chain that is attached to the object that is being pulled. Another 4" thick steel door fixed to the frame of the machine holds the chain while the hydraulic rams retract for the next +/-6.5-foot (2 meter) stroke. The rams are powered by hydraulic power packs that run through a control valve. These machines can be used individually or as part of a multi-puller spread.

Some of the most versatile machines at sea, TITAN Pullers have been used in a variety of ways:

  1. Pulling stranded vessels off the beach.

  2. Rolling capsized vessels into the upright position in preparation for refloating.

  3. Chain cutting a shipwreck into sections for extraction.

  4. Rolling 2,500+-ton sections of a shipwreck out of the water and up onto the breakwater for scrapping.

  5. Dragging sections of a shipwreck up onto the beach for scrapping.

  6. Sliding 4,000+-ton sections of a submerged wreck onto a submerged barge that was then deballasted to lift the section out of the water.

  7. Vertically lifting 3,500+-ton sections of a submerged wreck off the seafloor in water depths exceeding 100 feet.

  8. Extracting 300-foot sections of a jack-up leg that had penetrated 70 feet into the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico in 250 feet of water.

  9. Used as a “mooring winch” for a barge in open ocean.

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