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Hot Tap Systems

Hot Tap Systems are utilized to extract hydrocarbons and hazardous liquid product from submerged vessels in depths of up to 200 feet. These cutting-edge devices can be adapted to provide steam injection for cooled product with reduced viscosity as well as modified to accommodate depths over 200 feet. In addition, water injection system can be incorporated into the suction end of the transfer pumps to reduce the friction coefficient of a product as it is pumped to surface tanks. This system also allow us to tap and drill from two inch to six inch access points into cargo or bunker tanks and pump via three inch or six inch hydraulically driven transfer pumps.


TITAN Pullers are 300-metric- ton-capacity linear hydraulic pulling machines that are used for dragging vessels off the beach and/or onto barges;  parbuckling vessels, rolling vessels onto breakwaters or vertically lifting sunken vessels.. They can roll 2,500+-ton sections of a shipwreck out of the water and up onto the breakwater for scrapping;  slide 4,000+-ton sections of a submerged wreck onto a barge or vertically lift 3500+-ton sections of a submerged wreck  on the seafloor in water depths exceeding 100 feet.

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