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Beginning in 1981 with a single tug, we have  grown to become an industry leader in global salvage response. By dedicating ourselves to salvage work without geographical limitation, we have  been able to write a range of emergency salvage and response success stories throughout the world, overcoming difficult geographic and environmental challenges.

At TITAN, safety is our number one Core Value — the single motivation that guides everything we do. Our commitment to safety  is to live it every day. At TITAN, safety means:

• Putting safety first in all activities
 • Safeguarding the environment
 • Recognizing and correcting potential hazards

With primary offices and response depots in Houston, Texas; Newhaven, UK; Singapore and Cairns, Australia, and strategically placed agent’s offices in port cities around the world, we can handle project management for salvage, wreck removal, natural disasters and maritime emergency response operations.

TITAN is a proud member of the International Salvage Union (ISU), the Marine Response Alliance (MRA), and the American Salvage Association (ASA), with TITAN principals having served, or currently serving, as executive members and office holders.

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